I really truly had one of the greatest summers ever and I am so grateful for everything I got to do and experience. Even after I got home and wasn’t doing anything, I enjoyed just relaxing. I didn’t really want school to start because a lot of times it can be not so enjoyable and stressful. But school started again…as it does every year. And, you know what? It’s gone pretty well so far! For the first year in a long time, I don’t have a teacher that I sense is going to be bad- so far I like all of them!

It doesn’t really feel like school has started yet. This weekend feels like it’s just part of my summer vacation :) Thursday was my first day and it was a half day. After school, Celina and I went out and got pedicures! A pedicure was my birthday present for her (in June) but because summer was so busy, it hadn’t happened yet. We decided to do it for the start of school! It was a lot of fun and I love how my toenails turned out. Oh if anyone in the Spring Hill area needs/wants a place to get their nails done, I would totally recommend Luxy Salon in the Crossings. I’ve been there twice now and they’re always really nice and do a great job!

See my super awesome tan line on my feet? I know you’re jealous.

So that night, my family went to the fair! It was so much fun :) I had been planning on going to the fair just to take pictures and eat food. And that I did! I also caught part of a very interesting hypnotist show!

Mmm…funnel cake :) So tasty!

To see all my fair pictures go to :)

Friday was our first full day of school…and it went well too :) Some things aren’t great yet…I don’t know where to sit in some of my classes and I don’t feel motivated to do any homework..but I’m hoping everything will start feeling more normal soon. Friday evening I returned to the fair with my friends and rode some rides! That was pretty awesome too :) Oh and I had a deep fried oreo which was super yummy!

Then on Saturday I baked banana bread and went and saw The Help at the movies. So yeah…still feels like I’m doing things in summer mode! Even as this year gets going and school becomes more hectic, I’m hoping to maintain a positive attitude. I would love it if I liked my senior year!


School and Fun

Ahh and so with the ringing of bells and crashing of books, the school year starts. So far i’ve been very impressed with all my classes and teachers, which is quite an improvement over past years!

I’m taking 3 AP classes which is going to be intense to say the least: Ap english, Ap us history, and Ap Psychology. I’m also taking pre cal honors (eek), environmental science honors (which consists of recycling and the water cycle), and photography (yay!). So the year should be fun and reallly challenging.

I’m also gonna start looking a lot at colleges (wish me luch on that!)

I’m babysitting right now, my first experience babysitting on a school night so hopefully it goes well. Exciting news, the boyfriend is getting to come visit for his birthday on Saturday!!! I think that’s a great birthday present-getting to see me!!! hehe :) but we’re gonna hang out all weekend which should just be amazing :)

Busy week ahead…trying to stay encouraged :)