The Help

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is an incredible book- one of my absolute favorites. It tells the stories about women we never think of…the maids who worked for white families in the 1960s…the black people who lived in constant fear in the south. I think the book does an amazing job of telling their stories.

The movie, The Help, just came out in theaters. I was apprehensive to see it because I didn’t think it could do the book any sort of justice. I went and saw the movie with my mom and sister and I thought it was spectacularly done. I won’t say it was better than the book but seeing it made it much more real in many ways. The actors were incredibly cast, almost all of them were just what I imagined. While watching, I alternated between laughing and crying. It was so well done…and it’s a movie that certainly makes you think about what you saw for a long time after.

I think movies and books like The Help are so important. They remind us of America’s dark past and how far we’ve come. But I think it also teaches us never to allow ourselves to grow complacent at the injustice and inequality we see around us. We’ve come a far way as a nation but there is still racism here. Living in the south I am continuously shocked at the prejudice I see here…towards black people, Hispanics, Middle Eastern People, homosexuals, atheists…and the list goes on.

We’ve come a far way. But that’s not an excuse to stop working and pushing towards equality for everyone…we must always remember the people who were forced to fight for their rights. Characters like Minny and Aibileen and Skeeter in The Help encourage us to never be complacent and to have courage to do what is right.


Movies I’m Watching

Since summer is closing out and this is the last bit of free time I’ll have for a while, I’ve been enjoying just relaxing. I’ve been reading (What I’m Reading), painting (pictures of my room mural to come!), and just hanging out with my family. I visited my boyfriend (he lives in Memphis) and we had a great time! We swam and went out on their boat (I went tubing and loved it! But I was so sore the next day), went out to Sweet Cece’s (one of my favorite places!), and Macaroni Grill, too. I’ve been to a lot of Italian places, especially recently, but I still like Macaroni Grill’s fettuccine alfredo better than all the others I’ve tried. The two of us watched a lot of movies together. Which brings me around to this post! Here are the movies I’ve watched recently:

  • Winnie the Pooh– My boyfriend and I went and saw this in the theaters. It was so cute! It was more of a traditional story than the past two movies (The Tigger Movie and Piglet’s Big Movie- both of which I love). The story was so sweet and I really enjoyed the classic looking animation. I was really sleepy though so I was fighting to stay awake- not at all because the movie was boring!- but I’ll definitely have to see it again when it comes out on DVD.

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love– We also went and saw this in the theater. It was so good! It was hilarious- love Steve Carrell and everyone else in it. The story was really good- I thought it was unpredictable which is always a plus. I would definitely recommend seeing this in the theater on a date night or with friends :)

  • Black Swan– I finally got around to watching this the other day! I’ve been wanting to for a really long time and I really loved it. It was definitely a freaky and sorta disturbing movie but it wasn’t like a horror film (I hate scary movies). The director, Darren Aronofsky, is amazing. I’ve seen several of his movies (Requiem for a Dream and Pi) and they are all really memorable movies. His filming style is very distinct, I could see similarities between Requiem and Black Swan. This movie is definitely dark with a lot of scenes that made me cringe (and a couple that made me close my eyes). A lot of people were freaking out about a certain “risque” scene in the movie but I wasn’t bothered by it…but that’s just me! Overall, it was a great movie but probably not one that I’d rush to watch again.

  • Easy A– Ok so Alex (boyfriend) and I rented this. I had heard it was a good, funny movie…yeah I don’t know what those people were thinking. I thought it was terrible! The whole idea of it was pretty stupid and I found everything about it unrealistic. Blah! I can’t believe we wasted our time on it.

  • 127 Hours– Now this movie I’d heard not so good things about. People were saying it was really boring (because the whole movie was about the guy who was in a canyon and gets his arm stuck and has to get out before he dies) but I thought the filming was really well done. Even though most of the movie was just him trapped in a canyon, they made it really interesting and got inside his head. James Franco did an amazing job acting in this. So yep! Not an uplifting movie but I’d say worth watching.