About Me

I am spazzy and crazy and generally hyper. I cry at movies. And songs. And books. I hate insects especially if they are in my room. I love my friends, family, and God. The first thing i notice about a person is how they treat others and their smile. I love reading writing photography painting singing(badly) and skipping through fields. I enjoy wearing leg warmers and rainboots (not at the same time). I hate the heat but love the sun. Nutella is amazing as is chocolate, cookies, cake, cupcakes, ice cream, chips, cheese, mexican food, and italian food. I don’t like sea food and only like 10 vegetables. I love making lists with a passion. For christmas and my birthday i ask for socks and pens. I have a large white board in my room which i constantly write on. I enjoy sitting on tables and counters. I get light headed when i stand up too quickly. I have to have music playing at all times- generally really loudly to the joy of my family. I am neeevvvverrrr sarcastic. I hate hurting peoples’ feelings. I like hugs. I have curly hair which i hate and love. I get really tan in the summer. I love learning about different cultures. I hate being sad and love being happy. Storms calm me down. I countdown to christmas starting in august. All of december i act like an elf. I love making people gifts. Giving gifts is one of my most favoritest things ever. I remember movie quotes and song lyrics really easily and often repeat them in conversations. I’m stubborn and i don’t like being wrong. I’m a perfectionist. I’m hard on myself. The people i love come first in my life. I am non-judgmental. I try to be a good listener and give good advice. I love Jesus with all my heart. My favorite book of the bible is probably 1 John. Christian music makes me happy. I love taking pictures so much but i don’t having them taken of me. I’m a non-average teenager. I do my best. And i love my life.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joanne
    May 17, 2011 @ 03:37:40

    I think you are an amazing person and you pretty much confirm that with your description of you.
    You know I am always behind with the whole social networking thing, though I DO try. This is the first time I’ve discovered the link to your blog. You ARE very entertaining, you know, even if you don’t have a lot of people reading.

    I will commit to a post here and there – my way of saying you are an amazingly talented and funny young lady/girl – whatever you prefer!

    So you graduate in 2012??


  2. photographychick
    May 17, 2011 @ 03:48:12

    thank you so much! your comment made me feel really good :)
    Yes i do! I’m very excited :)
    miss you


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