365 Photo Challenge

My project for this next year is going to be the 365 photo challenge. Taking a picture every day for a year. That sounds pretty hard to me. But I think it’d be a really good thing. I love photography and this would force me to take pictures every day. To always be thinking about photos. I think it’s going to challenge me to see the world and document my life. Instead of 365 days, though, I think I’m going to do it a little differently. I’m going to start the challenge on the first day of my senior year- August 11, 2011 and finish it on the first day of college. I’m excited to start documenting my life and my world…as it undergoes many changes in this following year. I won’t be posting the pictures I take every day, maybe more like once a week. So yeah! I’m pretty excited about this idea :)

Ok so this paragraph above? I wrote it a couple weeks ago and was going to wait to publish this post until it was the first day of school. Well I forgot all about the post and the 365 challenge…whoops! I just realized today that I had forgotten about the post and the challenge! I was all upset until I realized that I have taken pictures (almost) every day since school started! Whew! So I will start the challenge officially now and I’ll post my daily pictures every week (possibly). I’m excited about this! I’m sure you are too :D Not all of my pictures will be good, I’ll be taking some with my phone I’m sure (ahhh! super envy for everyone who has instagram…)

I’ve been really inspired by some 365s I’ve seen on flickr…I think it’s going to start off rough (especially as I’m getting used to school and stuff) but I’m ready to start challenging myself with photography! Well that’s all for now :) School’s pretty ok…youth group kick off tonight!


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