SAT, Snow, and Six Pack Abs

It’s been storming in Middle Tennessee! We had a snow day this past Friday and the week before we had 3 snow days in a row. Ahhh that’s the life! School has been crazy, working on registering for classes next year. I’m not sure how to reach the balance of challenging myself senior year and absolutely going insane with a massive work load. Hopefully I find the perfect equilibrium!

Today I took the SAT this morning. It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought…but I doubt I did stellar. I’ll find out on February the 12th! Then I came home and lay down on my bed and watched part of season one of Grey’s Anatomy! I love Grey’s Anatomy…it’s a guilty pleasure up there with the Bachelor and Private Practice. Hehe..dont judge me.

I’ve been doing Jillian Michael’s Six Pack Abs workout. Man is that tough! Everytime I do it I feel like I’m going to die…but I don’t! And I know it really is making a big difference. It’s not just an ab workout, it has high intensity cardio worked into it. Which makes it crazy difficult! But I’m gonna stick with it and hopefully not die and stuff…

I’ve been looking up healthy recipes…and there are some good ones I think I’m gonna try! Mmm I’m in a muffin mood. I think I’m gonna make Pumpkin Muffins tomorrow. Haha my recipe for pumpkin muffins is not necessarily healthy..but it’s yuuummmyy! I have to make a dessert for a competition. It’s a crazy intense competition. It’ll take lots of training. Or it’s a contest at my church’s Chili Cook-off between the jr. and sr. high. It’ll be fun! But I don’t know what to make…maybe those cupcakes I made before? What do youuu think? (I say this as though I have people who regularly read this blog and will comment on this post. ha. ha.)

Tomorrow I have church. I need to clean my room…and vacuum. And clean the bathroom. And finish my homework. It should be a FUN day! Haha :) Hope all my avid readers are having a wonderful weekend :D


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