Tic Toc

Maybe I am not supposed to get the recommended amount of sleep for a normal human being. Maybe my body wasn’t designed for it. Or maybe my independent mind simply doesn’t want to conform to the 8 hour nuh night time society sets. Whatever the reason, I am not sleeping. It’s 1:22 in the morning. Last night I was up with a horrific migraine and got an extremely small amount of sleep. Yet I wasn’t tired. And now I still can’t sleep. Maybe I should start blogging more…I might as well be productive in my spare time. I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to lie in bed for hours, trying to sleep. Maybe I should move around, do my work-outs at night. Or I could watch countless random Netflix Instant Watch movies. What would you do if you had all night open? Maybe I could write people letters. Perhaps some more knitting projects. I’ll start with the blogging thing. Obviously.

So I might as well talk about stuff…I suppose that’s what a blog is. My Christmas was pretty amazing :) For me Christmas is all about family time and being together. And happy. This year I got a new lens for my camera- a Canon fixed 50mm 1.8 aperture lens. I’m veeerrry excited to try it out on the many photoshoots I hope to have this year. My boyfriend is visiting tomorrow, spending several days here. I am so happy to get to see him in just a few hours! (Maybe time would pass faster if I could sleep…grrr). We are going to see Harry Potter 7 tomorrow night. He hasn’t seen it yet (gasp!) and i’m super pumped to see it again! I hope I hold it together better than I did last time! I’m bringing tissues just in case.

I can’t believe how fast 2010 has flown by. It’s been a pretty incredible year. Some parts have been really tough and some parts have been very joyful. I’m hoping to have fewer of the really tough times in 2011 but I’ve definitely seen myself grow this past year and I think I’ll (hopefully) be better equipped to handle life this next year.

I never really set New Years Resolutions. I think they’re pretty pointless. If you didn’t [lose weight, stop ___, spend more time with loved ones, exercise more, quit smoking, get out of debt, help others, get perfect hair, have alone time, get enough sleep, play with fluffy animals, have a relationship]  alllll this past year, why are you gonna do it just cause it’s your resolution? While resolutions have mostly good intentions, don’t fool yourself into thinking that “this will be the year I keep mine!” Take everything day by day. Start changing your life now, don’t wait for the 1st. And don’t stop after the first week of 2011. Change can be good…if you allow yourself and give yourself the chance to change. But that’s just one sleep-deprived teenager’s opinion ;)

This coming year is going to be supercrazyhecticbusy. I’m finishing the last semester of my junior year which will have bunches of testing, exams, AP exams, college crap, workworkwork. Then hopefully a wooonnderful summer with friends and family :) My family is going to Maine this summer! I haven’t been since I was like…11. I’m sooo looking forward to going! Then I have my first semester of senior year which will be applying for colleges….gaaah! I am so not ready to think about that just yet. Even though some parts of this year are not exactly…wonderful and super fun! i think it’ll be a really good year. At least that’s what I hope…maybe it will be my New Year’s Resolution to have a happy year ;)

So whatever you’re doing, I hope the rest of 2010 plays out nicely for you. And, as cheesy as this sounds, I hope that you meet 2011 with bright hopes and confidence for the future :)


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