It’s funny how things like your hair not cooperating can totally set the mood for your whole day. If you wake up and you don’t like your hair or can’t find something you wanna wear, your day is doomed. I think all girls could agree with me on this, at least to some degree. And how sad is that? It’s really sad that we define ourselves by what we look like, what other people think of us…I know I do this a lot. I can be really judgmental towards myself. A lot of the time I’ll be unconfident of my self. It’s funny because some of the girls that I think are the most beautiful are the ones who have confidence. This whole week I haven’t like what I’ve worn, how my hair looks, and that makes me feel insecure. Why is it that we let these things define us? I don’t really have an answer to this one. But I hope some day this won’t be true for me.


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