Haha so yes it has been just about forever since my last post. I suppose that happens Junior Year of high school. I don’t have time for much blogging. I have been working on my photography website (amiliaphotography.wordpress.com) so go check it out! Or else muahaha ;)

School has been pretty crazy. Good for the most part although this past week was very boring. All I want to do is take pictures! Ahhh I love photography! Do you know what else I like….drumroll…..

Hair bows!

Aren’t they adorable?!?! I need some more. I have one pink one that I’ve worn pretty much everyday for the past year and a half. I just love it! It keeps my crazy curls out of my face and it’s just downright cute!

Do you know what else I like? Actually more like LOOOVVVEE!!

CHRISTMAS!!! I just loooove the whole holiday season and I can’t wait for it to be December! What do I love about Christmas? Haha what kind of question is that?! I love everything about it! But here’s a nice little list:

  • Baking Christmas cookies! I love giving people cookies and making them and smelling the wonderful cookie Christmas smells!
  • Dressing like an elf! In fact I think I AM an elf!
  • Loudly singing Christmas carols! And playing them on the piano :) What’s my favorite carol? ohhh let’s see..there are so many to choose from! But the best would have to be Dominick the Donkey! It’s amazing! Check it out!
  • Making Christmas presents to give to people :) I just love giving people presents
  • Celebrating Christmas Eve Eve with my grandparents and middle sister
  • Eating Swedish Meatballs Christmas day :)

There are so many more things I love! But i’ll tell you more about it closer to Christmas :)

So now I should probably go and read some AP Psychology stuff…since I have a test on Tuesday. UGHH!


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