Tenth Avenue North

On August 26th I went to a Tenth Avenue North concert with a group of my friends. I can’t even begin to describe what an incredible experience it was. Tenth Avenue North is a christian band but they really are so much more than that. What they are able to achieve with their music is healing. When i listen to them, i am able to feel connected to God. I am brought closer to God. Their lyrics are so well written in a way that can only come from listening to the holy spirit. Not only are they incredibly talented- they sound even better live then recorded if that’s even possible- but when they sing you feel God’s presence come into the room. I came to the concert feeling very empty and void of God. And i left feeling filled up and whole. That is what their music can do. They are incredible. But, and they are the first to admit this too, it’s not them who’s incredible. It’s God. Without Him they’d be nothing. It’s not Tenth Avenue North who filled me up, it’s God. And what an amazing group of guys to allow God to use them in that way. I’m so grateful that i was able to go to the concert.

“i hear you say:

my love is over, it’s underneath

it’s inside, it’s inbetween

the times you doubt me, when you can’t feel

the times that you question “is this for real?”

the time you’re broken, the times that you mend

the times you hate me and the times that you bend

well my love is over, it’s underneath

it’s inside, it’s inbetween

the times you’re healing, when your heart breaks

the times that you feel like you’ve fallen from grace

the times you’re hurting, the times that you heal

the times you go hungry and attempted to steal

in times of confusion, in chaos and pain

i’m there in your sorrow, under the weight of your shame

i’m there in your heartache, im there in your storm

my love i will keep you, by my power alone

i dont care where you’ve fallen, where you have been

i’ll never forsake you, my love never ends

it never ends”

times by tenth avenue north


School and Fun

Ahh and so with the ringing of bells and crashing of books, the school year starts. So far i’ve been very impressed with all my classes and teachers, which is quite an improvement over past years!

I’m taking 3 AP classes which is going to be intense to say the least: Ap english, Ap us history, and Ap Psychology. I’m also taking pre cal honors (eek), environmental science honors (which consists of recycling and the water cycle), and photography (yay!). So the year should be fun and reallly challenging.

I’m also gonna start looking a lot at colleges (wish me luch on that!)

I’m babysitting right now, my first experience babysitting on a school night so hopefully it goes well. Exciting news, the boyfriend is getting to come visit for his birthday on Saturday!!! I think that’s a great birthday present-getting to see me!!! hehe :) but we’re gonna hang out all weekend which should just be amazing :)

Busy week ahead…trying to stay encouraged :)

The Last Few Days Before My Junior Year…

This summer has just flown by! It really hasn’t registered that i have 2.5 days before i have to be back at school. Not only that but i will be a junior, finally an upper classmen! It also hasn’t registered until oh ya know this morning that i have a ton of summer work to do! That’s always a fun thing to remember! So i have to get through the Great Gatsby and do all these reading journal entries and then this paper and letter and supposedly i’m supposed to start this book for AP us history but i’m doubting that will happen. So how am i spending the last few days of my freedom? Working….I started babysitting at 5:30 am (ahh that really made me look forward to waking up for school) and i will be babysitting here until 8am tomorrow. woot woot. and then i’ll come back around 3 tomorrow afternoon and stay all afternoon and stay the night and then spend the whole day here wednesday! That’s like super duper intense-ness. And like i wouldn’t mind except it might mean missing going to the fair on wednesday with my friends and that would just be a major bummer cause i reallllyy wanted to go. But i guess we’ll just see how that goes. But so far this morning babysitting went really well. The older kids caught the bus no problem (they’re in a different county and start school earlier) and i got some of my summer work done while watching the youngest who is napping right now. This afternoon is probably going to be looonng. Not quite sure how i’ll get through that. But it’ll be ok. Once school starts i’m actually still going to be doing a lot of babysitting for this same family, including spending the night here. I really hope that i can balance it all with my massive amounts of homework and working some sleep in there somewhere. I guess we’ll just see how it goes :)

This past weekend was really good. My middle sister Celina (12) and I spent Saturday night at our grandparent’s house. My grandma took us out on saturday to lunch at panera and then shopping (i got a cute little purse for $3, a necklace, and a shirt) and then we went back to their house and watched gilmore girls. When my grandpa got home from work we all went out to Chuys. If you’ve never been to Chuys, you need to go. NOW. It is sooo good! And get the queso and the chicken fajitas! Chuys really is just a fun tex mex restaurant with cool decorations, great service AND THE BEST QUEOSO AND FAJITAS. So we went to Chuys and i got queso and chicken fajitas, which were phenomenal! Then we went back to the house and then went to their neighborhood pool! It’s an olympic sized pool and the water was the perrrfeecctt temperature. It was so nice. So we swam around and then went back to the house and watched more gilmore girls. It was a really good day :)

Then in the morning we got up and went to church. The worship was really good and the service was also really good. It was about how sometimes it feels like God just punches us in the back of the head and how we have to really wrestle with God. Anyways it was just a really good sermon and i got to talk to a lot of people before and after the service which is fun :) So after church my friend jessica picked me up and we went to the mall becuase when i was swimming at my grandparents i realized i really needed a new bathing suit. So we went to the mall and looked for bathing suits! Wellll i decided to get a bikini! I’ve never had one before but i’ve lost weight and i just felt good in it! It’s really cute black and grayish checkered and actually not at all slutty which is always a plus! (well it is in my world) i got it at dillards! It was rather expensive but i thought it was worth it! So i’m really excited to go swimming now even though it’s kinda the end of summer.

On another note, i went to the neurologist the other day and started a migrane prevention medicine that i take everyday. I’ve been on it less then a week but so far it really seems to be helping which is so exciting to me! Hopefully this is really gonna work!

So i ended the weekend with video chatting with my amazing boyfriend :) it was the perfect end to an amazing weekend. the last weekend before the school year!

Lord of the Rings

If you wanna see a good movie filled with action, romance, epic battle sequences, and will make you tear up, Lord of the Rings is the way to go! You have to watch them all at once (extended editions, of course). Set aside a good 12 hour chunk of time, lots of junk food, and some awesome friends. It really is just the best thing ever :)